What happened to Beth?

Age: 14

Beth is excited to go to a party on Friday with a young man who wants to be her boyfriend.  However, on the car ride to the “party” she was beaten and then threatened at gun point to have sex with a man at a rest stop for gas money. The man who beat her took her to another state and became her pimp. Beth was subjected to regular, brutal beatings, which resulted in broken bones. Her pimp’s regular practice of washing her vagina out with disinfectant after johns did not use condoms, will cause her permanent infertility.

At age 16, Beth was arrested by the police and was put into an adult jail.  She had been groomed by her pimp to say she was 18, so despite her real age and status as a child-trafficking victim, she was prosecuted as an adult who had “chosen” a career as a prostitute.


Thank you for coming to see Traffick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We welcome you to continue the discussion on sex slavery in our community by sharing your experience in the comments.

Or, read the stories of more fact-based characters here.

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