What happened to Justice Hecht?

Age: 65

This Cincinnati Supreme Court Justice receives a case for review in which a 13-year-old girl flagged down the car of an undercover officer and offered to engage in oral sex for twenty dollars. She was arrested for prostitution.

Justice Hecht delivers the court’s opinion, “Because a 13 year old child cannot consent to sex . . . [this child] cannot be prosecuted as a prostitute.” She goes on to state that children cannot be considered guilty of an act that involves their own sexual exploitation, and that treating child prostitutes as victims rather than criminals will undermine the ability of pimps to prey on the child’s fear of police, removing a powerful tool pimps use to assert control. The child involved in this case is now in the care of protective services.


Thank you for coming to see Traffick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We welcome you to continue the discussion on sex slavery in our community by sharing your experience in the comments.

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