What happened to Keena?

Age: 35

Several weekends a year, Keena talks about her life as a prostitute to men taking part in John School programs in Cincinnati. She tells the men she never liked the sex. She was actually disgusted by them and traumatized by what they did to her. “I hated you when I was out there,” she tells the men. She shares about the sexual abuse she endured as a child, starting at age 3, how she was paid for sex as a teenager, became addicted to drugs, and was often subjected to violence and rape while working on the streets.

The men Keena was once forced to service, she is now able to talk to. Human to human, not being seen as an object. She hopes it changes the way men view the act of buying women.


Thank you for coming to see Traffick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We welcome you to continue the discussion on sex slavery in our community by sharing your experience in the comments.

Or, read the stories of more fact-based characters here.

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