What happened to Nina?

Age: 20

Nina and Alison work the streets together. Their Pimp Nicholi offers them as a two-for-one deal for returning clients. The girls get invited to a swanky event and are told to dress formal. Nicholi takes them shopping and to the salon. Nina and Alison are picked up and taken to a home that sits on five acres of land. They are introduced to Mykel the owner of the house. Mykel takes the girls into a room that looks like a library. Another man waits in the room and points to Nina and says, “That one.”

Nina and Alison are separated. Nina is thrust into a dark room, where dozens of other girls are waiting and sobbing. The girls never see one another again.


Thank you for coming to see Traffick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We welcome you to continue the discussion on sex slavery in our community by sharing your experience in the comments.

Or, read the stories of more fact-based characters here.

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