What happened to Stephanie?

Age: 22

Stephanie moves to Cincinnati, hoping to become a model.  She sees an ad looking for models in the Cincy weekly that says it will pay $500 for a day’s work.  She answers the ad and goes to the address provided for her.  It is a huge home in the Indian Hills.  There, a man tells her to take off her clothes.  He inspects her and then calls another woman into the room.  He tells the woman to shave off all of Stephanie’s pubic hair.

That day, the man takes nude photographs of Stephanie.  She is never told who this man is or what he will use the photos for.  Years later, Stephanie is haunted by the fear that the photos are on the Internet and will be discovered by someone she knows.


Thank you for coming to see Traffick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We welcome you to continue the discussion on sex slavery in our community by sharing your experience in the comments.

Or, read the stories of more fact-based characters here.

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