Music Not By (Him)

Music Not by (Him) Show ImageFour bodies.
Two t-shirts.

One glimpse inside your memory of him.

This piece puts the life cycle of a relationship on display:  from the passionate first glances to the faded glow of the end.  Dancers manipulate the only source of light in the room, allowing the audience brief moments of total disclosure, while still letting them fill in the blanks.  Uncomfortable, provoking, and honest, Music Not By (Him) is a stripped down version of a relationship worn thin, where in the end, all that’s left is the dirty laundry.

Performed At:Music Not by (Him) Performance Image
Northern Kentucky University
Contemporary Dance Theatre
2011 Area Choreographer’s Festival

Papa M: Composer

Heather Britt, Cary Davenport, Allen DeCarlo, Matt Geller, Jay Goodlett, Kim Popa, Chad Benjamin Potter, Chris Robinson, Alison Vodnoy, Karen Wissel