What We Offer

1) Pones In Public

Pones In Public (PiP) utilizes dance as a non­-traditional form of exercise and movement that brings accessible art and physical activity to communities.

Examples: a) TANK Mobile Dance Party Photos, b) Macy’s Arts Sampler 2015 (Push Here to Add Dance) Photos, c) Great Parks Wellness and Sustainability Fair Photos, d) Pones in Public Year in Review 2014-15 Video, e) Pones in Public Year in Review 2013-14 Video


2) Productions

Pones Inc’s production history is incredibly diverse, ranging from nine years of selection for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival to an annual holiday show “Amahl and the Night Visitors” with the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Xavier University and Madcap Puppets.


Productions often have an advocacy component tied to the creation, as well as being experiential for audiences. Additionally, Pones Inc. often creates site-­specific work that utilizes found space, versus proscenium stages, and blurs the lines between audience and performers.


Additionally, Pones Inc. is well-versed in more traditional productions, sharing the stage with collaborators from concert:nova, Queen City Flash, Know Theatre, and Cincinnati Choral Society.


In 2014, “ConverseNation” became Pones Inc.’s first production presented internationally, representing Cincinnati and its dance artists in the CrisisArt Festival in Arezzo, Italy.


Examples: a) “POV” Video, b) “Shelter” in 2015 Cincy Fringe Photos, c) “Traffick” in 2014 Cincy Fringe Videoand Photos, d) “Amahl and the Night Visitors” Photos, e) “Graphic” Photos


3) Collaborations

Pones Inc. is a true collective, collaborating with multiple arts and community organizations. Whether dancing with international musicians in music videos, posing for Manifest Gallery as models, or partnering with the OTR Chamber of Commerce for the Malice Ball, Pones Inc. nurtures connections with partnerships with national and local businesses, arts and service organizations.


Collaboration is one of the cornerstones upon which Pones Inc. was founded, and the company has collaborated with over 260 artists and 80 arts and service organizations.  


Examples: a) Olivia music video, b) WTM music video, c) Malice Ball pics,d) Manifest Quick Draw (collaboration with Manifest Gallery) Photos, c) #velcrovortex (collaboration with AAC and Lindsey Whittle) Photos, d) Borrowed Landscapes (collaboration with the CAC) Photos,  e) “Footloose” (collaboration with the City of Covington and Gorilla Cinema) Photos, f) #FridayOrange and Lumenocity with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) CGN video, h) NKU Dance 16 Photos


4) Contracted Flash Mobs + Special Occasion Dances

When someone wants to add a little life to a party, they call us to crash the event with some pop=­up dance! Pones Inc. has choreographed flash mobs for wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, and even the 40th birthday party for the owner of the 21c Museum Hotel. We also have collaborated on and choreographed pop­-up performances for a father­-daughter dance surprise, a live performance at MPMF by We Are Snapdragon, the Cincinnati Zoo, and Trans* Day of Remembrance.


Examples: a) Trans* Day of Remembrance Video, b) 21c photos, c) Zoo video


5) Laboratory of Movement: Youth­Focused

Laboratory of Movement (LOM), Pones Inc.’s educational facet, is dedicated to bringing arts education to under­served youth in schools and community centers. Programming includes four distinct classes for in­school, after school, and community education settings: Dance 101, Core Creativity, Show U, and Suits on the Move.


In the 2014­-15 year, LOM reached approximately 1,743 students in over 18 schools and community centers.


Our current partnerships include: the Cincinnati Arts Association, Greater Cincinnati Dance Alliance, The Carnegie, Baker Hunt, Cincinnati Museum Center, YMCA, RefugeeConnect, UpSpring, Activities Beyond the Classroom, SkoolAid, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, and local libraries.


Examples: a) Housing Authority of Covington Video and Photos, b) 9th District Class Photos, c) John G Carlisle Veggie Art and Dance Day Photos, d) Latonia Elementary Photos, e) Roberts Academy Photos


6) Laboratory of Movement: Professional Development

Professional development for teachers, providing techniques for use of arts integration with core content ­ e.g., teaching history using “Dancing through the Ages” to highlight significant periods not only in the art, but also in the fashion, economy, significant events, and politics of an era. A particular strength of this LOM offering is Ms. Popa’s expertise in the Kentucky core content standards, which teachers must provide evidence of achieving through at least some integration of art.


Example: a) LOM video


7) Laboratory of Movement: Arts in Healing

Pones Inc. has joined this Cincinnati Arts Association initiative for the past two years. The program enhances the medical experience of patients at the Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA) through the arts, practices and investigates the use of the arts in healing, and builds community around the arts, health, and medicine. The target audience is veterans and their families. In 2017, we will be moving into work with Hospice Care for patients and families.